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Ingonyama Grant programs

Ingonyama understands the importance of supporting and fostering a vibrant community of researchers and builders to advance ZK. To encourage progress, we are not only developing in the open but also sharing resources with researchers and builders through various programs.

ICICLE ZK-GPU Ecosystem Grant

Ingonyama invites researchers and practitioners to collaborate in advancing ZK acceleration. We are allocating $100,000 for grants to support this initiative.

Bounties & Grants

Eligibility for grants includes:

  1. Students: Utilize ICICLE in your research.
  2. Performance Improvement: Enhance the performance of accelerated primitives in ICICLE.
  3. Protocol Porting: Migrate existing ZK protocols to ICICLE.
  4. New Primitives: Contribute new primitives to ICICLE.
  5. Benchmarking: Compare ZK benchmarks against ICICLE.


For questions or submissions:

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