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Contributor's Guide

We welcome all contributions with open arms. At Ingonyama we take a village approach, believing it takes many hands and minds to build a ecosystem.

Contributing to ICICLE

Opening a pull request

When opening a pull request please keep the following in mind.

  • Clear Purpose - The pull request should solve a single issue and be clean of any unrelated changes.
  • Clear description - If the pull request is for a new feature describe what you built, why you added it and how its best that we test it. For bug fixes please describe the issue and the solution.
  • Consistent style - Rust and Golang code should be linted by the official linters (golang fmt and rust fmt) and maintain a proper style. For CUDA and C++ code we use clang-format, here you can see how we run it.
  • Minimal Tests - please add test which cover basic usage of your changes .


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